How It All Started..

So, I was starting college in 2012 in Northampton Booth Lane… and after being there for a couple of weeks. people kept telling me. “You got a funny name, you know that?” I was thinking it’s not like I haven’t heard it my whole life anyway!

But someone said to me, you should put it on a tee and sell it! I thought, you know what?! Yes! I started a Big Cartel page with a few items with very simplistic designs. Everyone must start somewhere. My Tumblr page was going crazy. so, I started putting links up on my page. I sold around 10-20 tees in the first month or so. then it boomed. One click, one share from the right account… and my PayPal was going crazy!!

Cut a long story short i had continued building my business on my own, i didn't source help, or information. i just did my own research. To creating the logos to sewing the label into the neck of the clothing. Pulling 18 hour days, every day just to keep up with orders.. It was crazy to even comprehend at the time.. But i got used to it!

I continued to work my ass off! for 5 solid years without a day off.. and i loved it...

After stopping and starting the brand back and forth online, i thought it was unfair to my customers to not be consistent.. so i terminated the business officially in 2020.

And that's when Maziak Design LTD started..

ORDERS 2013.jpeg

"First Ever Maziak Photo Shoot in London in 2012 with my good friends Callum & Ben"


"Lewis "Owner" lugging orders to the post office 12.03.12"